The internet of things

 What is internet of things?

IOT is the network physical items equipped with electronics, transducers such as sensor and actuator.
Smart related to technological aspects it is a combinations of sensing element and analogue interface circuit and analogue to digital converter and a bus interface in one housing.
Intelligent sensor relates to intellectual aspects,it is a sensor that has one or several intelligent functions such as self testing self identifications, self validations, self adaptations etc.
The internet of things moves beyond pervasive computing and information systems, which concentrate on data. Smart refrigerators are one example of pervasive computing device.several products including built in PC and allowed users to enter information about the content of their refrigerator for menu planning.
Sensor network research spend range of configuration. Meaning of these were design for data collection at very low data rates. The data collected data would then be sent to shops for processing.traditional sensor network research did not emphasise in-network processing.
Internet of things

Interest in the internet of things has been S4 by the ability of micro electro mechanical sensors. Inter net of things system must be consumed very little power. Power consumption is a key factor in total cost of ownership for iot systems.receiving the necessary power level required careful attention to hardware design software design and application algorithm.

Internet of things system are useful,

industrial systems use sensor to monitor both the industrial process themselves the quality of products and the state of equipment. An increasing number of electric motors for example include sensor that collect data used to predict in pending motor failures.
Smart cities use sensors to monitor aliens and regular traffic and mein integrate data from smart buildings.
Smart buildings use sensors to identify the location of people as well as the state of the building.
Help understand the requirement on an iot
Sensor network
Analysis system
Reactive system
Control system
Event latency
Event thoughput
Event loss rate and buffer capacity
Reliability and availability
Service lifetime.

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