Customer orientation

 What is customer orientation?

Customer oriented site provide easy access to content and service tailored for a range of audiences. But resources for content development should be targeted at ideal customers.
Customer orientation

A customer oriented website with customers and their needs. The site will not only fulfill basic customer needs, it may even delight customer by fully understanding and satisfying the different needs and different customers have. So ask customers! Use live feedback tools like those we mention below
New or existing prospects personal
Size of prospect companies
Market type
Members of buying process
Identify their key task and goals and make these options prominent. Also ask customers what they think of your existing site. Ask them how you can improve your website and what would they like to see there?

There are many ways of research that help achieve customer orientation.

Customer orientation can create competitive advantage
Customer oriented website are relatively rare compared to product oriented website. Identify different audience
Rank importance of each to the business
list of three most important information needs of each audience
ask representative of each audience type to develop their own wish list.
Product oriented website 10 to show lots of products and their features. Product benefits are never matched to a specific customer needs.we have said we want to provide content to appeal to a wide range of audience providing detailed content to all audience may will be on the Rebel for IHM practical.
There are few types of visitors who can come to your website
Potential batch
Disqualified traffic
Of your non buyers.

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