Fraud click

 How can we be aware of fraud clicks?

PPC add network detect multiple clicks from the same computer or same IP address and say they filter them out.there are two techniques to mimic multiple clicks from different location such as software tools sofe clicks and even service where you can pay a team of people across the world to click on these links.

Pay per click Search marketing

Beware of click fraud
Manage your PPC campaigns by constantly calculating and optimising CPA
Master your quality score
PPC advertising and be sure to to devote sufficient resources to deliver our 
The world federation of advertisers has stated that online fraud is endemic.HD digital ad spending has doubled in the last four years and to reach more than 500 billions in 2020.this money has attracted the criminal world which uses and army of boats that simulate the activity of a real person visiting a site.
Hackers create the boats by snapping malicious software on to vulnerable computers. Then the infected computers quietly direct their boats to danger  boats to mimic real traffic and visit various sites to watch full length video ads and even enter products into shopping baskets.some brands now buy directly from media groups and more direction software is being developed.
Click per click fraud

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