Blended search

 What is blended search in digital marketing?

Blended search is a part of digital marketing it is market and fridge specific, depending on how Google assesses the relevance of universal content for a query. Example like search on cars may not present any universal result while isl cost of car main include image.
Blended search

Video comedy image and social media mentioned are all important too, so think about how you look in the universal or or blended search listing. When Google launched the only presents you had to worry about with in the search engines was the text listing. But today X results are only one type of search, albeit the most important one for most products and services.
When setting of lync it is important to use specific suitable anchor text for the link. Links deep into the site specific to a particular product, are often more valuable. It is also worth remembering that Google don't follow links which have the rel='noflow'link on them ,so check for these.

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