Artificial intelligence and machine learning

 What is the difference between artificial intelligence and machine learning?

Artificial intelligence is the the simulations of human intelligence process by machines especially computer systems.chess playing computers commerce self driving cars former personal digital assistants apps former prime drones former voice recognise patients apps these are all popular technology breakthrough today.
How does artificial intelligence work?
Artificial neural networks for machine learning, neutral language processing and deep learning to work like the human mind.
Artificial Intelligence and machine learning

Machine learning

machine learning means giving a machine access to information and letting the machine learn from it on its own
it is an approach to achieve artificial intelligence and uses a set of algorithm to analyse data and learn from the data to make informed decisions.
artificial intelligence can work without using machine learning but this would required building millions of lines of codes with complex rules and decision tree.there are some examples of machine learning applications are shopping recommendations in amazon's or Flipkart based on your previous buying decisions, movie suggestions from Netflix or Amazon prime based on the type of movie you have watched earlier.
Artificial neural network is similar to the biological neural is a brain process passes informations through a chain of neurones in order to understand and classify data. It can be taught to recognise image from my speech, pattern etc.
Deep learning
Deep learning is a technique to implementing machine learning. It is a large amount of data is fed into the computer systems which is used to make decisions about other can be applied to any form of data machine signals audio video comedy speech and written words to produced conclusions like humans at high speed. It requires a huge amount of data to be able to take accurate decision. There are few examples like navigation of self driving cars using sensors and onboard analytics comica are learning to recognised obstacles and react to the appropriately using deep learning
Natural language processing
natural language processing is field of artificial intelligence at that enables computer to analyse and understand human language and also communicate with us using a similar natural language.this technology allow algorithm to read a text on a webpage, interprets its meaning, and translate it to another language.Google and other search engine based their translations technology on natural language processing
Artificial intelligence are used
Online shopping
Social networking
Banking and finance
Commercial flights and autopilot metro

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