Programmatic ADS in digital world

 What are the programmatic ADS?

The server then sends a message to an ad exchange with information about that user such as the IP address location and details of websites the consumers are visiting. a web page has space on it to add space that is available for real-time bidding.
Ad exchange

Programmatic advertising automates the buying and selling the advertising space whether it is on desktop display video on mobile all using real-time bidding. programmatic advertising effectively automates the bidding or buying and placing of online advertisement in real-time in order to continually optimize the return for profitability.
The program adds pens used software and algorithms that automatically trigger the display of an advertisement, When triggered by an marketers and their agency set up the rules of the campaign how the ads have brought home the campaign targets how it is planted before any ads are launched.
Human input is required to plan and set up the details rules.

 Bad ads damage brands and publisher

The ad industry is chock full of urban myths and legends. One such myth is that bad add creativities are not really that bad. That no one will notice. but poor quality ads are in fact not natural at all. Facebook, Google, and others are realizing that a bad experience does lasting damage not only to the advertising brands but to publishers. bad ads hot everyone in the ecosystem when advertisers company does not perform Divas hate them they miss there is no I objective publisher deliver poor user experience and address closing visitors.

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