Ad exchange

 What is AD exchange?

Ad exchange is the part of digital marketing. Marketers bi add space such as media doubleclick bid manager add roles etc. All of this happens in a real time while off page is loading and invitations to advertise goes out and a bid is made and if accepted the ad is then served to the individual.

Programmatic ads work

Programmatic ad campaigns use software and algorithms that automatically trigger the display of an advertisement when triggered by an event such as a customer physical location or it could be triggered by one of your previous website visitor landing on another company's website page for an ad can even be triggered by a change in the temperature.
Marketers and their agencies set up the rules of the campaign how the ads are bought whom the components targets how it is plant before any ads are launched.after that programmatic ad campaigns generally used automated channel such as digital ad exchange.

Programmatic ads advantage

programmatic advertising uses real time first and third party data to identify the best online audience for a campaign.
Target more relevant audience
Taylor's and personalize ads
Remarket or serve and add to someone who was a previous visitor to your website.
Algorithm are set of rules that perform of operations from simple data processing and calculation to more automatic reasoning and artificial intelligence.decision system supplied to vast pool of media inventory or search queries allow humans to to trip over complexity and solve multivariate marketing input in real time.
programmatic advertising effectively replace some of the women based task of buying ad space. When an advertiser is matched with its target audience had exchange used automatic auxins to sell individual impressions to the highest bidders whose ads are then served to the individual. Publisher list their inventory. Advertiser specify which ad inventory they wish to purchase like audience profile demographics geography interest behaviour time of the day device etc.

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