Social media governance policy

 Define social media governance policy

Social media governance policy is a suite aap policies, process and educational resources to to empower and manage your employees.whatever you are on lacing your workforce on social media as part of brand or just letting them party cipet in social media on a personal level, having a governance policy in place allows everyone in the company to take a part but within the parameters set by you.
Social media governance policy

Training and education
which is the most fundamental area for any social media governance.empowering employee with knowledge with prevent issues and also create new opportunities. Staff are likely to see this new knowledge and skills as an opportunity to further increase their performance.set up training session with your team and show example of how staff in other business have both help and kindred of business.ensure that you so staff how to monitor social media as a whole and how likely the tools softwares are to pick up on their business work oriented process as well.
Does and don'ts
Creating a top level list of do's and don'ts will help staff understanding the boundaries of their social media activity in the workplace.make this playful always bear in mind that if people want to access these networks they can easily on their personal phones. Be clear that it is acceptable and no one will never be questioned as long as performance is where it needs to be and people are on schedule.
Brand guidelines
most large brands have a set of guidelines for books on how to communicate to represent the brand.ensure that your social media policy in this book guidelines and that training and management personnel make sure it is understood and followed. The it is pity and running of the business will directly affect staff and therefore what they are likely to say about the brand and their own personal networks.
Review on brand personality and vision
this is what we have always called the brand essence it is positioning but applied to what people engage with and you want to experience.which thing brand personality is great way to think about it.

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