Eight Revenue Model in Digital Marketing

There are eight men ad revenue models in digital marketing.

There are the many range of option for generating revenue online is useful both for ooh media owners hotel and athlete and transactional sites.some ad revenue model that of building a web interface and used to establish site owner can use to generate revenue.
Online revenue model

1.Revenue from subscriptions assays to content.
2. Revenue from pay per view access to documents 
3. Revenue from CPM display advertising on site.
4. Revenue from CPM advertising on site.
5. Revenue from sponsorship off site sections for content types.
6.Affiliate revenue
7. Access to customer for online research
8. Subscribers data access for email marketing.

Disadvantage of revenue model

Disadvantage of this model include the incremental user cost of offering the service although this is likely to be relatively low for Digital service.getting the balance right between free and paid features is difficult.if the service quality or experience is poor this can potentially damage take up of paid service.
The model is most commonly applied to online shop near service for online publishing.
Other revenue models are possible Pro premium use such as advertising or affiliates
Google is the unlimited example of a premium service where AdWords is the revenue model.

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