Data quality

 How to manage data quality in digital world?

There are several ways to manage data quality.for a geographical location for a customer defined by a post code or zip code the aspects of data quality.the quality of data is important to enable targeting and the delivery of relevant communication.
Data quality in digital marketing

Attitude means it does the postcode actually describe where the person lives. There is described by postcode and others. Data could be inaccurate if the customer has moved address since the data war collected.
Validity is sometimes defined as Congress with business rules.
Validity does not necessary means the data are accurate. If customer birthdate must be within a defined range such as from 2000 to the present day but are in accurate if the birth date are not connected for some reason.
it means that is difficult to identify where a v of customers live. It refers to whether or the data at present. Company profile its post code or zip code field for completeness.this is important for targeting relevant communication to them which are often based on lifestyle of people living in a particular area.
consistency is particularly important where different sources of informations are used and analysis. The data elements are constantly define and onda stood.with us postcode for example some people entering the post code with the capital letter.
So there is to make sure you have method to defining a data quality and responsibility for reviewing and improving it.

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