Search engine marketing: SEO

Search engine marketing: SEO

search engine marketing as need to be aware that search engines are tools resources derived when by good marketers are are to use search like smart AC natak practice nurse and the search engine have common goal of providing services with result that are relevant to their queries.Search is very popular. It reaches nearly every online India and billions of peoples around the world. Google is the dominant players in most world markets. You just tend to use short search fridge but these are gradually getting longer. Search covers all types of markets.
Search engine marketing is arguably the most important digital marketing channel for customer acquisition. We now naturally turn to a search engine when we are seeking a new product, service or entertainment. We also turn to search when we become familiar with a new brand either through offline advertising or direct mail or through other digital channels such as graphical display ads.
1. Search engine optimisation
2. Paid search marketing or pay per click

How are the search engine results pages produced?

1. Crawling- the purpose of the crawl is to identify relevant pages for indexing and assess whether they have changed. Crawling is performed by robots which are known as spiders. these web pages and retrieve a reference URL of the page for later analysis and indexing.
2. Indexing- an index is created to enable the search engine torapidly find the most relevant pages containing the query type by the searcher. rather than searching each page for a query face a search engine in words the index to produce a look-up table of the documents containing particular words.
3. Ranking for scoring- the indexing process has produced a look up of all the pages that contain particular word in a query, but they are not sorted in terms of relevance. ranking of the document to assess the most relevant set of documents to return in the SERPs occurs in real time for the search query entered. First, relevant documents will be retrive from a runtime version of the index at a particular data centre, kaisa hai then a rank in the SERPs for each document will be computed, based on making ranking factors- we highlight the main ones below.
4. Query request and results serving- The familiar search engine interface accepts the searcher's query. The user's location is assessed through their IP address and the query is then passed to a relevant data centre for processing. Ranking then occurs in real time for a particular query to return a sorted list of relevant documents, and these are then displayed on the Search Result Page.

Keyphrase Analysis

1. Comparison/quality- compare car insurance
2. Adjective (price/product qualifiers)- cheap car insurance coma women car insurance
3. Intended use- high mileage car insurance
4. Product type- holiday car insurance
5. Vendor or brand- Churchill car insurance
6. Location- car insurance UK
7. Action request- buy car insurance
8. Provider type- ka insurance company, car insurance supermarket.

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