Apps Revenue

How to generate your app revenue?

There are many ways to generate app revenue :
Click: the act of clicking on an ad that has been served to a mobile screen.
Click Through:art of clicking on a banner or text link add which text the user through to the advertiser's site other destination.we should used as a counterpoint to impressions to judge the response in inducing power of the ad.
Click through rate(CTR): the response rate of the online advertisement typically expressed as a percentage and calculated by taking the number of click through the address iwwt dividing the number by the number of impression and multiplying by 100 obtained a percentage.Example
Impressions =.04*100=4%CTR
CPM (Cost Per Mille, Cost Per Thousand )
The price paid by an advertiser for a site displaying there ad 1000 times.
Cost Per Click (CPR)  the price paid by an advertiser for a single click on its add that brings the the end user to its intended destination.
eCPM   a useful reporting metric for measuring revenue generated across various marketing channels, eCPM aur effective cost per thousand impressions is calculated by dividing total earnings by the the total number of impressions in thousands. For example, if a publisher earn US$200 from 40000 impressions, the eCPM calculation would be (US$200/40,000) × 1000 giving an eCPM of US$5.00.
eCPC-  eCPC is the effective cost of of each click calculated by dividing total earnings by the total number of clicks.
Fill rate   the percentage of AD requests that are filled with ads (that is, where and AD is displayed to the end user).
Impression- an impression is generated every time and end user views and AD.
RPM* RPM or revenue per Mille is the earning (estimated earnings)  you will get for every 1000 impression, where CPM is is the cost of ads for 1000 ad impressions to advertiser, our pm is the the revenue for publisher from 1000 impressions. Rpn is calculated by dividing your possible estimated earnings by the number of page views, impressions, or queries you received, which is then multiplied by 1000.
Formula to calculate RPM⁶⁵: 
RPM = (Estimated earnings/ number of page views)*1000
  • If you earned an estimated US$0.50 from 40 pageviews, then your page RPM would equal (US$0.50/40)*1000, or US$12.50.
  • If you earned an estimated US$100 from 30,000 ad impressions, your ad RPM would equal (US$100/30,000)*1000, or US$3.33.

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