People are important in digital marketing.

How well does your site make uses of the 90:10?


This is the most basic form of marketing automation. This is automatically generate a response when our customers emails and organisations for submit an online forms.
Email alert
Automatically generated by a company system to update customer on the status of their order.
Digital marketing
Call back facility
Dialling from our representative in the call centre records automatically at the appointed time and company page, which is popular.
Real time live chat
Real time live chat Windsor customer support operator in a call centre can type responses to a site visitors question.
Frequently asked question
the earth is in comparing and categorising the question so that customer can easily find the question and helpful answer.
Virtual assistants
These com wearing degree of sophistication and usually help to guide the customer through a maze of choices.
Customer review was and assistance
online social media enable organisations to recreate customers to help save their service for other customers through review and comments.
Some online customer segment just want tu to browse other wants to find specific information and other again want to buy or get a customer support.

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