How the messages are processed by the customer

Message are processed by the customer

There are some stages of insight information processing.
a. Exposure
if the content is not present for all long enough time customers will be able to process it. Think of splash pages adverb or shockwave animations etc if this changes to rapidly the message will not be received.

b. Attention
the human mind has limited capacity to pick out the main message from my screen full of single column text format without heading or graphics. Movement, text size and colour help to gain attention for ki message.they can look like loud advertisement which many customers simply screen out as indicate in the heat map.
c. Retention
Dish active site design will be written in the customers mind perhaps prompting repeat visit when the customer think, where did I see that information?. Site with excellent design user range of techniques.
d. Comprehension and perception
DJ for to how the customer interpret the combinations of graphics, text and multimedia on a website. The design will be most extractive if it uses family standards for meta photos since the customers will interpret them according to previous experience and memory.once relevant information is found we sometimes want to dig deeper for more information.

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