The golden rule: behave like a social networker

The golden rule: behave like a social networker:

Microsoft recommends this simple fundamental principle which will help content created by advertisers to resonate with social networkers: behave like the best social networkers through:

The golden rule

Being creative
Understand customers motivations for using social will be more effective if they are consistent with the typical life stage of networkers on the topic that are been discussed.

Being honest and courteous
Express yourself as a brand use the web to show the unique essence of your brand, but think about how to express the side of the brand that is not normally seen.

Being individual
Create and maintain good conversation. Advertisers to engage in discussions are more likely to resonate with the audience, but once conversations are started, they must follow through.

Being conscious to the audience
Empower participants. Social network users use their space and blogs to express themselves. Providing content or widgets so they can associate themselves with the brand maybe appearing.

Updating regularly
identify online brand advocates use reputation management tools to identify influence social networks members who are already brand advocates approach the most significant one directly consider using contextual advertising such as Microsoft content ads or Google AdSense to display brand messages within their spaces when brands are discussed.

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