Loyalty in digital marketing

Are you loyal to your brand online?

you need to identify and target your ideal customers and then move them up the ladder of loyalty and a proportion of them up the ladder of engagement life time customers who also spend more of their share of wallet with you on an extended product portfolio in the brand loyalty is sufficiently strong as in case of Tesco.
in fact move customers on to becoming advocates reading your message.
Loyalty in digital marketing

Quality product, quality service and quality sites are basic prerequisites. in fact, satisfying customer should be replaced by delighting customers, sills mein satisfied customer still defect.
Ensure and reassure them of security. Add value to the relationship and reinforced brands values at every opportunity. Integrate your products and services in to your customer systems. Extend the partnership and share systems this provides a certain amount of lock in their customers avoid the destruction caused by changing suppliers.
What makes you loyal?
going back to added value, rewarding customers is one way of adding value to the relationship. There are a number of innovative approaches emerging to reward a encourage online customer loyalty.
It is important to explore ways to develop oil online customer base. Evidence suggests that sides users return to their favourite group of sites similar to favorites store, as overtime, customers 10 to consolidate the number of sides they visit.
Many emerging pure play companies are relying on the growth of their user base rather than the growth of loyality among their existing user base. this has yet to be proven as a sound strategic approach many companies following this approach have closed as funding has ceased to be available.

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