Seo navigation rules

Navigation rules

Rule and type navigation

Navigational search are performed with the intent of surfing directly to a specific website.generally low with the exceptions of navigational searches on the publishers on brand where the value is a very high as this type of search is tend to lead to to very high conversion rates.
There are three navigation rules
Keep it simple. Not too many buttons psychologist who have analyse the behaviour of computer users in labs se the magic number is 7. Any more than 7 and the user will find it difficult to choose. 7 aur fua keeps it simple.

Be consistent.consistency is helpful since we want to avoid user seeing different menus and page layouts as they move around the site.

Signposts.signpost help visitors by telling them where they are within the website.
Where am I ?
Where have I been?
Where do I want to go?
Navigation types
The website have several types of navigation.
Global navigation.
B2B site are products solution client supports these are site wide navigation schemes they occur at the top or bottom of the site.
Local navigation.
Find elements in an immediate area for example products may be assessed through of fixed navigation.
Contextual navigation.
navigation specific to a page or a group of pages which may be in the body copy or in such as related products.

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