Promotion in digital marketing

Promotion with digital marketing

Online communication tools

We considered the range of online promotion tools that are available with and give guidelines as to how these tools can best promotion is continue to grow in importance and gaining and increasing share of market budgets and efforts whether it is a text message that changes behaviour immediately or keyboard that attract more enquiries or contact chual banners ads that change attitudes for viral marketing that makes people talk about a brand.

Online exclusions of different communication tools

Advertising: pay-per-click search advertising and interactive display ads
Selling: virtual sales staff and chat and affiliated marketing
PR: Zee news released newsletter social networking links and virales.
Sponsorship: sponsorship and online events site or service.
Direct mail: opt in email alerts in use letters and wave response.
Merchandising:website design, promotional and on retail sites, personalized recommandations .
Word of mouth: social media plus viral, affiliated marketing, email of friend, review.

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