Best communication matrix in traffic building

Using the best communication matrix in traffic building

Using the best communication matrix in traffic building

This matrix analyzes how good is communication tactic is at moving prospects/customers through various stages of the lifetime buying process including


Post-purchase relationship building
Post-purchase repeat sales

Now, depending on what stage of the buying cycle you are trying to move your prospects/customers through you can consider how good each tactic is across these nine criteria:
1 Reach- how big an audience can it reach?
2 Speed- how quickly can it reach that audience?
3 Time -how long will it take to create and deliver this tactic?
4 Message volume- is there space to fit a message in?
5 Targeting- how to granular or precise can the targeting be?
6 Personalization- can the tool personalize message?
7 Cost- is it expensive on a cost per thousand  (CPT / CPM) basis be?
8 Control- can you control the message with this tactic?
9. Credibility- do some tactics have more credibility or are they a better fit for the brand?

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