Traffic building in digital marketing

Develop a plan to balance the options for traffic building

Traffic building

There are three key aspects of traffic building
Targets- specific objectives for traffic building need to be developed before embarking on a traffic building campaign.
A successful site is often referred to in terms of quantity such as the number of visitors, it is the traffic quality that really indicate the success of each media channel.
The bounce rate is an excellent way to compare the quality of different reference to different landing pages.
Web analytics
Search traffic- natural and paid search (Google AdWords).
Referral traffic- this is traffic from other sites which have direct link to your site.
Direct traffic- URL type-ins,bookmarks for when email marketing or social media links from apps aren't tracked.
Other campaigns- other digital marketing channels like affiliates, display ads and email campaigns.
Techniques-use your analytics system as your Ally to understand which elements of your communications mix are effective.
Timing-  Smart digital marketers include specific campaigns perhaps to launch a site new product or promotion, but they also make investment in a continuous 'always-on communications' process of attracting visitors by search for affiliates. 

if you use Google analytics, you need to make sure your traffic sources are tracked by adding a tab using the relevant five standard dimensions for campaign tracking these need to be incorporated into the query string of the URL.

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